sábado, 30 de marzo de 2013

Flamen - "Supremo Die" is out now...

                                (Defiance-03 / A.M.F.060)

Limited to 200 h/n copies.

Flamen is an italian horde with collaboration of Aryan Art frontman in vocals. This debut EP follows the path of melodic pagan black metal; sometimes with symphonic parts, others with acoustic fragments, while always keeping the majestic overtones.
Showing a pretty interesting songwriting and production values for a debut, this EP reaches almost 30 min. of epic pagan BM. Certainly a pretty solid work and also a band to keep an eye on.

Sample, the second track:

Trades and wholesales accepted. Interested parties in Europe can contact A.M.F. Prods. whose copies are on it's way and will arrive in some weeks.

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Una nueva horda italiana con la colaboracón del búlgaro A., esta banda hace pagan BM y añade elementos sinfónicos y acústicos, manteniendo un clima épico a lo largo de todo el EP.
Seguidores de Summoning, Graveland, Aryan Art y/o el pagan-folk BM de europa del este no se decepcionarán con este trabajo.